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We are more than happy to help you find a space in our downtown.  If we don't have anything available we may be able to direct you to one of our friends.  So please contact us if you have any questions. 

This is a picture of the River Raisin in Downtown Monroe Mi
This is a historical image of Downtown Monroe Mi

Imagine a couple of centuries ago, a group of people came together and started building a town next to a river flowing with grape vines.  Back then they didn’t have power tools, calculators or computers.  Their plans were drawn by daylight or candle light.  Then they got building, and when it was complete there was a town with a River flowing through it.  These buildings were a place where dreams were going to come true.  Many were where people started a new life, or a new company, or a new home.

But over the years the buildings were sold or handed down to new generations.  The sun, wind, ice and rain weathered them and the dreams faded.  People moved on and forgot how beautiful these spaces once were, and all of the hard work that went into creating them one brick at a time.  The light was missing, run down old commercial spaces filled the first floors and empty old apartments sat vacant above for years.


That is what we love about rebuilding these places, filling them with new dreams again.  We try to highlight the historic charm and beauty, but add modern updates to make these places, spaces waiting for new dreams to grow, new business to open and new homes to be lived in.

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