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131 East Front Remodel

Out of all of our buildings this building is the hardest to find old pictures from before we owned it. But here is some of the progress we have made along the way!!!


The outside of the building needed a bit of work, one of the exterior walls come all the way down and rebuilt. We decided to create a welcoming storefront and replace the inserts that were in the place where old widows once were. We first decided to paint it a yellow to complement the brick that is on the rest of the building. Then when it was time to repaint the faded yellow, it was updated with a cream and dark blue, that we carried over to the brick on the front of the building.


The commercial space was still in the layout that Dr Labeau had it for his dentistry business when we bought it. We took down the walls and gave the space a new beautiful open feel, including adding an opening between the triangle shape on the Macomb side of the building and the main space. We were able to expose some brick, and open up the closed off doorway to the river. We decided to create a unique flooring idea. Jake cut sheets of plywood down to plank sizes and we created a beautiful floor that looks like it has age and depth.


This is the entry into the apartments on the second level. When we bought the building this space was very neglected and ignored. it had no flow or purpose, it was wall to wall very old commercial carpet that got very dirty from foot traffic and it was just a spaced used for extra boxes and garbage waiting for garbage day. We took out the carpet, painted everything the ceiling is a very dark brown and the walls are white, a with blue floor. We added some tables and a few cabinets by the laundry and now this space is very welcoming to come home to, and a nice place to relax and look out at the city and the river.


Apartment 2a got a beautiful update, we painted everything white with the spray gun then painted the walls a light grey, and the whole space got new flooring. The kitchen got freshly painted cabinets, and a metal tin backsplash that carried up the wall, along with new countertops. We also added the metal tin in the bathroom and a new vanity, mirror and toilet.


Apartment 2b is an adorable space with original wooden floors and the tile in the kitchen and bathroom have a good chance of being original too....or at least have the style of the building. This space has views of the river, and is a studio apartment.


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